Monday, December 12, 2011

Happy Holidays From MASK!

Jester Fever
Ending this year with a full schedule! 

Steve Pogni and his MASK team will be on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley next week, at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco and several events (coming soon, maybe the Sea of Dreams again this year). 

These MASKs (shown here) are selling quickly this season, which are very popular for New Year's celebrations or collectible gifts for Christmas. 

Stop by to see our custom holiday masks. I'll try to get a photo of one, but they sell before I can get to the booth.

Wishing everyone a happy & safe holiday season!

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Happy Halloween ... Happy Birthday

Skull n Bones Halloween Mask
Wishing everyone a fabulously happy and safe Halloween celebration tomorrow! 

Quick reminder that you can find a last minute Halloween mask at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco all day AND on Telegraph Avenue in Berkeley all day.

Featuring hand-made Halloween masks for men, women, kids, even pets. Classic masks, contemporary masks, large and small. Furry masks, feathery masks, skull masks and rock n roll masks (see photos). Something for everyone. And awesome prices.

Also, wishing my dad, Steve Pogni, a very happy birthday today! May this coming year be rich with love, happiness and good fortune. 

Rock n Roll Music Mask

Friday, September 30, 2011

October Event Schedule - Big MASK Month!

Halloween is almost here! We will have a HUGE selection of Halloween masks -- homemade, wearable masks. Italian-style masks. Scary masks. Funny masks. Sexy masks. Shiny masks. Custom masks. Feathery masks. Big masks. Little masks. Cat masks. Skull masks. Devil masks. Princess masks!

Visit us at these San Francisco Bay Area locations:
  • Oct 1st - Bella Vista High School Sacramento Art Festival
  • Oct 2nd - Castro Street Fair in San Francisco
  • Oct 8th - San Francisco Ferry Plaza
  • Oct 9th - Santa Rosa Italian American Festival
  • Oct 15th-16th - Campbell Octoberfest
  • Oct 15th - Noe Valley Harvest Festival in San Francisco
  • Oct 22nd - Mask Erotica Concourse  in San Francisco until 5am
  • Oct 11-14,18-21,24-31 on Telegraph by Walgreens (Jason)
  • Same dates at Justin Herman Plaza Ferry Plaza in San Francisco

You'll get to meet Jason on Telegraph and me (Steve) at the Ferry Plaza. We'll help you find the MASK that makes (or whomever you want to be!).

MASK is also available for private parties or to stock your parties with an assortment of Italian style masks, which makes it a really fun time for everyone.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

September Schedule - Find MASK on Facebook

Yesterday we had one heck of a fun time at the San Francisco Italian American Athletic Club! Here is the rest of this month's schedule. 

NEW! Find us on Facebook and become a MASK Facebook Fan so you can get the latest updates in our schedule of events in the Bay Area.

Wearable masks, fun for any occasion, but, of course, Halloween is right around the corner. Get a head start and choose your Halloween costume mask soon!

Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burning Man Wearable MASKs

What better place for a MASK party mask than at Burning Man 2011? This year 'Burners' kicked their Burning Man outfits up a notch with MASK face masks (check out the photos below). Anyone familiar with Burning Man -- a huge party out in the middle of the desert every Labor Day in Black Rock City, Nevada (not really a city but it becomes the second largest populated 'city' every September) -- knows that you can't "buy" anything, but you bring cool things or food or art to trade or give away. Italian-style, wearable masks are the perfect thing to give someone to give their Burning Man costume more flair! A masquerade mask will help bring out the creative side in any "look" and, of course, make it a fun experience.

Enjoy some of these photos of MASKS that could have been found on the Playa, particularly at camp Troy, where the Trojan Horse creators stayed.

And next year, swing by out booth to stock up, or call/email us to place an order!

Happy Burning Man celebration!

Saturday, August 13, 2011

August Schedule of Events for MASK

It's been a fun summer in the Bay Area meeting so many new people and seeing people so happy with our masks! With only two more weekends until summer ends, start thinking about upcoming holidays and parties when you may want an exotic, fun or sexy face mask.

Ivy Beak
Here is where we will be the next few weekends:

Saturday and Sunday, August 20-21
Hayward Zucchini Festival at Kennedy Park in Hayward, CA. Annual event with live entertainment, and lots of zucchini everything. Maybe we'll even hand-make a zucchini mask!

Saturday and Sunday, August 27-28
Ferry Plaza, Embarcadero, San Francisco. L-o-v-e this spot. Inside the Ferry Building Marketplace, it's like an indoor gourmet farmer's market. On Sunday, there is an outdoor farmer's market. Right on the water, the view is beautiful.

Saturday and Sunday, September 3-4
Millbrae Art & Wine Festival, Broadway Ave, Millbrae, CA. I saw that almost 1,200 people liked it on their Facebook page, so it must be good!
Filagree Stranger

New Orleans Dream
I posted a few new MASK styles on the right to get you more excited about stopping by to see us. 
Steve Pogni will most likely be there person you meet at the MASK booth. He'd love to meet you and tell you about his MASKS. See you soon!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

MASK Gets Ready for Summer

Summer is going to be sizzling in the Bay Area. No, I'm not talking about the weather because San Francisco tends to be cold and foggy through the summer until September. I'm talking about our awesome collection of summer handmade masks!

Come on by one of our summer locations (to be announced soon) to pick up an Italian style mask for an upcoming party, just for fun, or even a Halloween mask if you like to plan ahead.

Here is a sneak peek of our summer MASK designs:

Cirque Noir

Jester Chester

Alice vs the Queen

To appease our fans and make new friends, we will try to carry some masks that even keep you a bit warmer during San Francisco summer events ;-)

Steve Pogni is always looking for feedback, good events to participate in and is available for private parties. Give us a call or shoot us an email to discuss the details.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Upcoming Events - MASK Launches 50 New Designs

Just when you thought you had seen it all, Mask creates 50 new Italian style mask designs! New designs include black & orange Giants masks (it is opening day today, yea!), Phantom of the Opera masks (always popular), dioramas, half and full masks, feathers, beads, flowers, and every color of the rainbow.

Come check out our new designs & visit us at these upcoming events:
  • Saturday, April 23 - Earth Day celebration at the Civic Center in San Francisco (space D58)
  • Sunday, May 1 - How Weird Street Faire, a Burning Man event on Howard Street in San Francisco -- we will have an especially weird mask selection!
  • Saturday & Sunday, May 21-22 - Boogie on the Bayou in downtown Campbell
  • Saturday & Sunday, May 28-29 (Memorial Weekend) 33rd Annual San Francisco Carnaval in the Mission District on Harrison Street
Sinister Smile

Let's Dance

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    MASK March 2011 Event Schedule

    Don't miss two upcoming events next month where you can find MASK (and have some fun!):
    As usual, we will be featuring our handmade Italian style masks, and, as our fans expect, some new designs that will be sure to please! Contact Steve Pogni with special requests for custom masks or to book a special occasion, including masks for fundraising events.

    The Long Dance
    Devil in Disguise

    Tuesday, February 1, 2011

    MASK's New Marketing Flyer

    Special thanks to Jeannie and Freddie Marsh-Lott for designing this fabulous flyer!

    Venetian style masks for all occasions: birthdays, Mardi Gras, New Year's, Halloween, masquerade balls, Burning Man, Carnival, weddings.

    All Italian style masks hand crafted by California artist, Steve Pogni.

    Tuesday, January 18, 2011

    MASK Launches Wedding Collection

    Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan

    If you think masks are only worn for Mardi Gras and Halloween, you must be new to our blog and our MASKs! Our fans know that we are always thinking of new ways to channel imagination, diversity and creativity into our art.

    When the San Francisco Giants were up to win the World Series last year, MASK was there to support its customers with customized Giants fan masks -- insulated to keep them warm in the San Francisco fog!

    This month we are proud to bring our fans a brand new collection of wedding masks -- The Fairy Tale Wedding Collection.

    Local legend Steve Pogni realized there was a need and seized the opportunity. "There is incredible value to understanding your customer. Every day I speak with people and incorporate their feedback into our work so that we may delight each customer, as well as cultivate repeat customers."

    "Each wedding MASK is hand crafted like a piece of art," Steve continued. "All brides want to feel that their wedding is the most special and unique day of their lives. This collection can transform a common wedding into an exciting fairy tale! The MASKs make an excellent gift for brides maids and groomsmen as well."

    The MASKs shown here are available for a limited time. 

    MASK does take custom orders.

    Sunday, January 2, 2011

    MASK Gets Hip With Square, Mobile Credit Card App

    Short on cash? That's ok because MASK can now take your credit card right at the booth!

    MASK has signed up for Square, which is a mobile credit card processing app for iPhones, iPads and the Android. Square was just launched in February 2010 so the concept is pretty new but word is spreading fast. For good reason, too. It's so simple, free to download, and extremely convenient, especially for mobile small business owners.

    What is it? Square is a small, plastic cube that plugs into the headphone port on your phone. A slot in the cube lets you pass a credit card through. It then converts the data from the magnetic strip into an audio signal and passes it on to software on the phone. (Read Wired's review online.)

    Seriously cool, huh? We try our best at MASK ;-)

    What's next? Good questions. Perhaps mobile payment, which doesn't involve any plastic at all. According to Wikipedia, this is a new and rapidly-adopting alternative payment method. Instead of paying with cash, someone can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods -- which then hits your phone app account, eg iTunes.

    But for now we are loving Square so come visit us soon!

    Remember you can find us on Telegraph in Berkeley and at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco 7 days a week (sometimes even in the rain, but call or email us to check our hours just in case).

    MASK at Sea of Dreams in San Francisco New Year's Eve

    Now this was a blast of an event! It had an incredible vibe, amazing DJ's, and such creative outfits. Yes, it was the fabulous Sea of Dreams. With a big "Burner" following (aka Burning Man fans), it took place in San Francisco at the Concourse on 8th Street on New Year's Eve 2010. 

    Steve Pogni decked out his booth to look like a "dream" and we sold hundreds of MASKS to the (thousands of) attendees. People were in love with our latest designs (handmade face MASKS). We'll be back again next year!

    Wishing everyone a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year 2011.