Sunday, October 24, 2010

KTVU Puts Steve Pogni and His Halloween Masks on TV

(Posted by Jessica)

Last Thursday, Steve Pogni was on Market Street in San Francisco selling his masks when the Channel 2 KTVU news truck pulled up. The Channel 2 KTVU reporter started talking to Steve and about the Giants (go Giants!).

Channel 2 KTVU loved his comedy-tragedy masks as it symbolizes the Giants season -- meaning it was a season of torment for Giants fans because they kept losing but still the fans kept rallying, and now the Giants are finally winning and have a major chance of winning the World Series, woop woop!!

Sadly, I don't have the TV clip to show you but Steve was on TV for several minutes. If you have the video link, please email me.

They also loved the custom Giants baseball masks (which, by the way, can be found only at MASK kiosks). Not only are die-hard Giants fans loving the matching paraphernalia face masks but it also keeps their faces warm -- let's face it, AT&T Park is not the warmest of baseball parks.
So come by and pick up your Giants face mask -- or Halloween mask -- in our kiosk down near the Ferry Building in San Francisco or on Telegraph in Berkeley weekdays (and see schedule below for special weekend events).

Wishing everyone a safe and SPOOKY Halloween!