Friday, September 30, 2011

October Event Schedule - Big MASK Month!

Halloween is almost here! We will have a HUGE selection of Halloween masks -- homemade, wearable masks. Italian-style masks. Scary masks. Funny masks. Sexy masks. Shiny masks. Custom masks. Feathery masks. Big masks. Little masks. Cat masks. Skull masks. Devil masks. Princess masks!

Visit us at these San Francisco Bay Area locations:
  • Oct 1st - Bella Vista High School Sacramento Art Festival
  • Oct 2nd - Castro Street Fair in San Francisco
  • Oct 8th - San Francisco Ferry Plaza
  • Oct 9th - Santa Rosa Italian American Festival
  • Oct 15th-16th - Campbell Octoberfest
  • Oct 15th - Noe Valley Harvest Festival in San Francisco
  • Oct 22nd - Mask Erotica Concourse  in San Francisco until 5am
  • Oct 11-14,18-21,24-31 on Telegraph by Walgreens (Jason)
  • Same dates at Justin Herman Plaza Ferry Plaza in San Francisco

You'll get to meet Jason on Telegraph and me (Steve) at the Ferry Plaza. We'll help you find the MASK that makes (or whomever you want to be!).

MASK is also available for private parties or to stock your parties with an assortment of Italian style masks, which makes it a really fun time for everyone.

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