Saturday, September 10, 2011

Burning Man Wearable MASKs

What better place for a MASK party mask than at Burning Man 2011? This year 'Burners' kicked their Burning Man outfits up a notch with MASK face masks (check out the photos below). Anyone familiar with Burning Man -- a huge party out in the middle of the desert every Labor Day in Black Rock City, Nevada (not really a city but it becomes the second largest populated 'city' every September) -- knows that you can't "buy" anything, but you bring cool things or food or art to trade or give away. Italian-style, wearable masks are the perfect thing to give someone to give their Burning Man costume more flair! A masquerade mask will help bring out the creative side in any "look" and, of course, make it a fun experience.

Enjoy some of these photos of MASKS that could have been found on the Playa, particularly at camp Troy, where the Trojan Horse creators stayed.

And next year, swing by out booth to stock up, or call/email us to place an order!

Happy Burning Man celebration!

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