Sunday, January 2, 2011

MASK Gets Hip With Square, Mobile Credit Card App

Short on cash? That's ok because MASK can now take your credit card right at the booth!

MASK has signed up for Square, which is a mobile credit card processing app for iPhones, iPads and the Android. Square was just launched in February 2010 so the concept is pretty new but word is spreading fast. For good reason, too. It's so simple, free to download, and extremely convenient, especially for mobile small business owners.

What is it? Square is a small, plastic cube that plugs into the headphone port on your phone. A slot in the cube lets you pass a credit card through. It then converts the data from the magnetic strip into an audio signal and passes it on to software on the phone. (Read Wired's review online.)

Seriously cool, huh? We try our best at MASK ;-)

What's next? Good questions. Perhaps mobile payment, which doesn't involve any plastic at all. According to Wikipedia, this is a new and rapidly-adopting alternative payment method. Instead of paying with cash, someone can use a mobile phone to pay for a wide range of services and digital or hard goods -- which then hits your phone app account, eg iTunes.

But for now we are loving Square so come visit us soon!

Remember you can find us on Telegraph in Berkeley and at the Ferry Plaza in San Francisco 7 days a week (sometimes even in the rain, but call or email us to check our hours just in case).

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