Tuesday, January 18, 2011

MASK Launches Wedding Collection

Posted by Jessica Gopalakrishnan

If you think masks are only worn for Mardi Gras and Halloween, you must be new to our blog and our MASKs! Our fans know that we are always thinking of new ways to channel imagination, diversity and creativity into our art.

When the San Francisco Giants were up to win the World Series last year, MASK was there to support its customers with customized Giants fan masks -- insulated to keep them warm in the San Francisco fog!

This month we are proud to bring our fans a brand new collection of wedding masks -- The Fairy Tale Wedding Collection.

Local legend Steve Pogni realized there was a need and seized the opportunity. "There is incredible value to understanding your customer. Every day I speak with people and incorporate their feedback into our work so that we may delight each customer, as well as cultivate repeat customers."

"Each wedding MASK is hand crafted like a piece of art," Steve continued. "All brides want to feel that their wedding is the most special and unique day of their lives. This collection can transform a common wedding into an exciting fairy tale! The MASKs make an excellent gift for brides maids and groomsmen as well."

The MASKs shown here are available for a limited time. 

MASK does take custom orders.

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